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Cerik Future

Vision of CERIK as a Research Institute - Research Catering to Client Needs
CERIK develops unequalled research by predicting future changes in the industry and presenting objective, field-centered evaluation and alternative solutions.
CERIK's Vision - Enhancing Support Capabilities to Strengthen Global Competence and Competitiveness
of the Industry
CERIK strengthens its service capacity to support the industry in order to improve the efficiency and utilization of the research while expanding the scale of the research. CERIK purports to play a role as the Mecca of Korea's construction industry through consolidation of its support capacity in terms of information services, publications and education.
Vision of CERIK in Managerment - Efficient Management and Support System
CERIK as a global research organization strives for efficient management to enhance its research and management capacity as well as to recruit and develop a skilled pool of talent.
Vision of CERIK as a Organization - Establishing a Culture Based on Creativity
CERIK strives to create a progressive organization based on a creative, forward thinking mindset and a pleasant work environment built on mutual respect and trust.